Why are comics so popular?

Comics are quite popular with young kids because they are pretty simple and extremely easy to read. Moreover, the world of superheroes is too exciting to ignore for anyone. Comic writers and illustration designers make sure all colors and snippets of text in a comic book blend in the best possible way. A reader has to make little or no efforts at all to imagine sequential events described in a comic book. Various illustrations indicate a situation, event or conversation in an easy way to the reader. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of comic books.

Kids as well as teenagers find great joy in reading comics because they can almost ‘live’ the story they read. Comics can present a storyline in a very interesting manner to the reader. It does not take a high IQ, vocabulary knowledge or visual intelligence to enjoy comics. People of all ages can take any comic book and just ‘go with the flow.’ Comics can create characters more powerful than those in a television show with their visual appeal now. That is the reason why most comic stories are now being produced as TV shows.

While kids are almost certainly in love with comics, many adults also love to read comics as it serves their favorite hobby. Many kids and youngsters keep a fine collection of comics. Those who have been captivated by the charm of an amazing comic book know how it feels to own an antique collection. Comic books have all the drama, adventure, action and mystery like an ordinary novel. However, comic books definitely tickle the fantasies of the child in a reader. Deep down, every reader longs to live in a world of fantasies and that’s what a comic book aims to do!