Why are comics so popular?

Comics are quite popular with young kids because they are pretty simple and extremely easy to read. Moreover, the world of superheroes is too exciting to ignore for anyone. Comic writers and illustration designers make sure all colors and snippets of text in a comic book blend in the best possible way. A reader has to make little or no efforts at all to imagine sequential events described in a comic book. Various illustrations indicate a situation, event or conversation in an easy way to the reader. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of comic books.

Kids as well as teenagers find great joy in reading comics because they can almost ‘live’ the story they read. Comics can present a storyline in a very interesting manner to the reader. It does not take a high IQ, vocabulary knowledge or visual intelligence to enjoy comics. People of all ages can take any comic book and just ‘go with the flow.’ Comics can create characters more powerful than those in a television show with their visual appeal now. That is the reason why most comic stories are now being produced as TV shows.

While kids are almost certainly in love with comics, many adults also love to read comics as it serves their favorite hobby. Many kids and youngsters keep a fine collection of comics. Those who have been captivated by the charm of an amazing comic book know how it feels to own an antique collection. Comic books have all the drama, adventure, action and mystery like an ordinary novel. However, comic books definitely tickle the fantasies of the child in a reader. Deep down, every reader longs to live in a world of fantasies and that’s what a comic book aims to do!

Why Do Marvel Comics Make Great Films?

From Comics to Films

Around the world, many people love comic book super heroes and there are a lot of reasons for this. For one thing, their larger than life personalities have a lot of the symbolic power of the world’s greatest myths. In addition, the comic book format is easy to get into and offers unique styles of art that really do excite us.

The big stories of characters from Marvel Comics, like The Punisher, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk and X-Men have been favorites of many because they are pure fun. It should come as no surprise, then, that Marvel Comics movies are some of the most popular films of all time. Let’s take a look at what makes these movies such big favorites with audiences. You can probably relate to many of the points made here and once you see how much fun all of these movies are, perhaps you will decide to watch an old favorite again or maybe find a new film you hadn’t thought of.

Classic Characters of Marvel Comics Reach Across Generation Gaps

There are a lot of classic characters from Marvel that are big favorites for audiences of all ages. Spiderman is perhaps the best known character with quite a history, but Captain America can trace his roots all the way back the 40′s and is, in fact, the first movie version of a Marvel Comics character to be made.
In 1944, the world saw this serial. It would be 42 years longer before we would see another movie from Marvel and this time, it would be the surprising Howard the Duck film that was well loved by kids and adults alike. In 1989, The Punisher followed, but the 80′s and 90′s saw fewer movies than have come out since 2000.

We’ve seen Man-Thing, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor – all classic Marvel characters with huge histories. These characters reach audiences of many ages and that is a big part of what makes them so much fun.

Why Batman Is Such A Popular Comic Book Character

Batman has been one of the most popular and most idolized superheroes for quite a few decades now. From young children to adults, the names Bruce Wayne and Batman are two of the most influential figures in their lives. Proof of this popularity is the number of fans that Batman comics have gained over the years. Many even keep a collection of Batman comic books, and some even go to extra lengths just to be able to preserve them especially the ones that are considered as collector’s items. Comic book trading has also become very popular among Batman fans, and you can see a lot of these fans advertising their conditions for trading over the internet. The question however is, why is Batman very popular?

For most people, Batman is a symbol of justice. As a child, Bruce Wayne witnessed how his parents were assaulted and shot, without seeing the perpetrators put behind bars. As Batman, he has made it his life’s purpose to fight crime and to bring criminals to justice. Another point that makes Batman very popular is his ingenuity. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not have special powers. He only makes use of gadgets and his abilities and skills.

Most Batman comics focus on these topics, along with the crusade against villains like Penguin and the Joker. Spend some time reading the adventures of Batman and you will surely be a fan in no time, especially if you fancy good versus evil stories with a twist of comedy and romance mixed in.

Now a new generation has found Batman thanks to the different types of media from the new Batman cartoons to the Batman Arkham City video games to the amazing new Batman movies which ends this summer with Batman The Dark Knight Rises!


What Makes Comics So Popular With Adults

Comic books have been around for quite some time now, and the number of comic book fans number in millions. There are so many types of comic books that you can choose from if you want to have your own collection.

Superheroes are some of the most featured characters in comics, but there are some that are inspired by ordinary characters in extraordinary situations. If you want to purchase comic books for your child, it would be best to consider the content before doing so.

There are some comic books that are age appropriate, and there are others that can be read by everyone. For example, some comic books feature comedic characters, and these are great for young children.

There are also comic books that contain violence and explicit content, and it would be wise to stay away from these if you have young children.

Believe it or not, comic books are also great investments. Many comic book collectors keep their comics in mint condition especially the ones that they think will increase in value over the years. Some limited edition comic books cost thousands of dollars in the market, more if they are considered as rare copies.

If you are in the mood to start your own collection you may want to start with the more popular versions. You can also look for collector’s items on the internet if you fancy having a copy of the rare ones. However, for the comic books to increase in value, make sure that you take care of them.

To really understand how big comic books are amoung adults you only have to visit some of the many exciting comic book conventions that are held around the country from London through to Devon and up to Scotland.  Thousands of adults and fans dress up and turn up to these conventions every year, the biggest in the world is the Comic Con which is held every summer in San Diego.

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