Why Batman Is Such A Popular Comic Book Character

Batman has been one of the most popular and most idolized superheroes for quite a few decades now. From young children to adults, the names Bruce Wayne and Batman are two of the most influential figures in their lives. Proof of this popularity is the number of fans that Batman comics have gained over the years. Many even keep a collection of Batman comic books, and some even go to extra lengths just to be able to preserve them especially the ones that are considered as collector’s items. Comic book trading has also become very popular among Batman fans, and you can see a lot of these fans advertising their conditions for trading over the internet. The question however is, why is Batman very popular?

For most people, Batman is a symbol of justice. As a child, Bruce Wayne witnessed how his parents were assaulted and shot, without seeing the perpetrators put behind bars. As Batman, he has made it his life’s purpose to fight crime and to bring criminals to justice. Another point that makes Batman very popular is his ingenuity. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not have special powers. He only makes use of gadgets and his abilities and skills.

Most Batman comics focus on these topics, along with the crusade against villains like Penguin and the Joker. Spend some time reading the adventures of Batman and you will surely be a fan in no time, especially if you fancy good versus evil stories with a twist of comedy and romance mixed in.

Now a new generation has found Batman thanks to the different types of media from the new Batman cartoons to the Batman Arkham City video games to the amazing new Batman movies which ends this summer with Batman The Dark Knight Rises!