Finding out what Exeter has to offer you!

If you are headed to Exeter for a vacation, then you are in luck as there are so many things you can do to enjoy yourself in this place. One thing that most people recommend you do is to take a Red Coat Guided Tour.

This is an especially useful tour if it happens to be your first time in the place and you are on a budget since these tours happen to be free.

The reason why these tours are free is because the guides are usually volunteers and they are the ones in charge of the 90-minute tour.

These will take you to places like Murder and Mayhem, the Merchant’s tale, and loads of other interesting places.

However, if you are up for some shopping then Exeter has some excellent shopping areas that are very accessible whether by walking or by taking a bus. Y

ou can visit shopping areas like Paris Street, High Street, and Marsh Barton just to name a few places where you can indulge in retail therapy. If you are looking for a place to stay, there are plenty of inns and hotels that you can book accommodations in so that you are sure to find a nice place to stay and also one that you can afford.

Of course you cannot visit Exeter without checking out Exeter Cathedral which really is an impressive building!

You can choose accommodations that are near the city center or you may even choose ones that are nearer the park if you prefer to go for long walks. So remember that if you go to this place then you will never lack for anything to do. Exeter is also so close to other seaside destinations like Ilrafcombe so if you get tired of the city and want to cool off in the sea you can very quickly!

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Why Ilfracombe could be the perfect Devon Getaway

Ilfracombe is a fantastic place on the coast of Devon in the United Kingdom. It is a popular holiday destination for many people, ranging from families with young children to students to senior citizens. This popularity is reflected in the number of Ilfracombe cottages that are available to rent. In Ilfracombe, it is possible to rent cottages that are right on the beachfront, allowing you unprecedented access to the stunning coast line of Devon. It is known as the coast of contrasts, with little harbors darted in between stretches of beach and rugged coastal rocks. There is also plenty to do, so there is no need to worry about being stuck in your cottage day in day out while you are on holiday, because it would actually be very difficult not to enjoy yourself when you are in Ilfracombe.

There are many benefits to hiring a cottage and we hope that you find this blog post helpful. Ilfracombe cottages offer you the freedom of movement to be able to come and go as you please, without having to worry about waking other residents or leaving your key behind somewhere. You also don’t have to worry about when breakfast will be served or whether or not you will like anything on the dinner menu, since you will be cooking everything yourself.

Renting a cottages is usually much cheaper than renting a hotel room, particularly when you travel with a larger group. Very often, cottages can sleep anything from six people upwards, meaning that you could go with an entire family, thereby greatly reducing the overall cost per head. Cottages are always very comfortable and have modern features, unless specifically specified that they have a vintage or historic charm.

Finding these cottages is very easy. There are many websites specifically dedicated to renting out Ilfracombe cottages and holiday cottages in the area such as stay in devon and Farm and Cottage holidays.

This is like a gathering place of cottage owners. On these websites, you will generally be able to see some pictures of the cottages, as well as what size they are, what is included in the price and when it is available.

Most cottages also have their own websites, where you will be able to see more photographs, as well as reviews from previous guests. These are great to use, as it will give you an even better idea than photographs alone. Make sure you check the fine print before you book a property. You may, for instance, have to bring your own bed linen or towels. Also check whether or not gas and electricity is included. Many cottages have coin operated meters for their gas and electricity, so you may have to budget for this.

Lastly, if you want to bring a dog, you will be happy to know that there are also many pet friendly cottages in Ilfracombe. Do make sure you check this first.

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Devon Holidays – Torquay

Popularly known as the capital of the English Riviera, Torquay is the most famous tourism hub in Devon. Compared to several other Devon B&B accommodation in various cities and towns, Torquay bed and breakfast’s receive a higher tourist population each year. Torquay is famous for its Blue Flag beaches, lined palm trees on the seafront, heritage sites, ice cream parlors and excellent accommodation. Torquay B&B’s as well as the self-service holiday cottages are very popular with domestic holidaymakers.

A popular seaside resort, Torquay has a number of Victorian marks that speak of its rich history and although the town has evolved a great deal in the last few years, it still maintains an appealing historical look. A superb marina provides a large number of daily boat trips, amazingly colorful quayside shops and a busy harbor have gone to successfully altering the perception of Torquay as a Victorian town. Torquay went through maximum growth after the Napoleonic wars, a large naval base was set up in the region due to the docking facilities at Torbay.

As soon as Torquay got connected by the rail link, it naturally emerged as a favorable seaside tourist destination in the region. Today Torquay boasts some of the best Devon hotels in the county. Luxurious and word-class, Torquay hotels welcome thousands of tourists and business travelers from all around the globe every year now.

In Devon, Torquay is now recognized as a prime seaside holiday resort and it is the number one preference of business travelers and self-catering holidaymakers. Torquay’s exotic beaches and a bright waterfront is adorned by some splendid palm trees and it continues to attract thousands of people every month.

While some people soak themselves in the luxury of a famous Devon hotel in this coastal town, others in bigger groups prefer to stay in large villas or holiday homes.

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